What is the best, heavy varnish / refinish hardwood floors in the house with a large number of dogs and children.?

My husband and I pulled Shag carpet color grading that was in the house when we moved in it was there since the early 70’s. The insert sticks and scraping. We sanded the floors and put two layers of Lowes said the person is best for heavy traffic. He said it would be more effective. Was two years ago and is now used and the wood is exposed again. Why what is used in gym floors? It’s the kind of heavy, I’m looking for. Help please.

basically when you have a furnished flat of their choice are following:

1) arrival of oil base

2) move the water-based finish

3) commercial-quality finishing with the company.

not be more expensive but more or less what you use basketball courts. can attract the best and you should get 10-15 years before recovery is necessary. also, usually, a person will finish a layer of lacquer sealer and two coats. depending on who’s doing, you can usually pay for a third layer set This will help conserve the same

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