Every Simple Machine in One Rube Goldberg Machine?

I have been assigned a Tech project and I have to incorporate every simple machine into one long sequence of machines that will be started by touching one end. Once touched it must run by itself. It must last longer than 5 seconds and fit on a 1 foot by 1 foot wood board. All machines must take advantage of their mechanical advantage (i.e. no rolling down incline planes or screws). I am allowed to use any materials I can find. Any ideas on how I could make this work? Especially, how can you make use of a screw?
Actually I do need an incline plane and a screw, but I have to use its mechanical advantage. For example you must go up an incline plane or screw a screw in or out of something, not just slide down a inclined plane or screw shaped slide.

I think you can consider something like a rubber-band driven fan, and the wind pushing a sail-car, a tower with a rubber-band-driven axis and a wire welding on it and lifting a mass.(the tower has the advantage to need relatively a little space….it uses vertically…so you save space on your foot^2)
Can you also use electricity? because this can be an interesting field….and magnetic fields?…and fluids flowing in or out ?
I think that your biggest problem is space and time, because if you use very fast simple machines you will need too much space to last longer than 5 seconds…..

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