Gift ideas for 10 year old, intelligent, sweet, innocent Artsy, not video games and violence?

He is my stepson and visits during the summer. I live in Arizona, where it rises to 116 degrees, while he is here. Therefore, it is not that what we can do while you’re away from here. I also have a daughter 15 months. It is still in its mouth. I must be very soo, careful what you fall on the floor, and what is available. We love have “Christmas” when it comes, because only see him during the summer. I just dont know what to buy for him. He is brilliantly intelligent. Adult way Smart. Emotionally, it’s still a child. Dislikes typical child toys (skateboard, dirt bikes, rough / tough guy toys). I like things crafty sand art, painting, carpentry, make necklaces / bracelets to give as gifts, etc. It is more inventive, practical, creative and loves to play. We try to treat but with a little more and be limited to the permanence Inside, I need for him to be able to act independently (and enjoy). He loves the cooking channel if Please help!

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